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“~10年後の私へ~、今は誰を好きですか? それとも変わらずに 、あの人が好きですか?” – Letter Song
“~To the me ten years after~Who do you like now? Or maybe it hasn’t changed,  You still like that person?” -Letter Song
I met Miku 9 years before, as it happens. “Levan Polkka” first song I knew by Miku, I even didnt know this song was edited by Vocaloid, 2 years later, I knew that song was edited by Vocaloid while I was following Miku. I was so surprise that the song is so nice and the girl’s voice is such amazing. thats the starting point for me to follow Miku. As the years go by, Im always notice myself
-this is my dream of two-dimension
-Dream most deep place, only the smile is not tired
-Miku is always around my side
Im a listeners at the beginning. As my interest area continues to expand, I’ve learned MMD(miku miku dance), Vocaloid, Touhou project, Pvc Finger and make up dolls.
Japan is my dream place I wana travel, especially Tokyo Akihabara, I followed Miku to Japan last year, this is not the end of my dream, this is just the beginning, not the end. Im still on my way to my dream.
Miku im such a Fan i adore you .when are you coming to my life in 2007!

What will be posted in this blog?

Most of posts will discuss Hatsune Miku(初音ミク) products, but will also involves MMD, Vocaloid, Touhou project, music, video, Pvc Finger reviews, Japanese comics, Japanese novel, landscape photos and anything related to anime.

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