[Other (Goods)] The T-shirt of “Rin-Len V4X” version relased Today!

Good Morning everyone! Here is good news for Rin/Len’s fans.   (* ° ∀ °) = 33

Hastsune Miku Official Blog  announced the New T-shirt of ‘Rin-Len V4X’ version.


There are more than one design of Rin-Len’s T-shirt at this time.

We will introduce a lineup of those goods immediately. ~( ̄▽ ̄~)(~ ̄▽ ̄)~


★Rin-Len V4X Fulll graphic T-shirt WHITE/6,000 YEN(excluding tax)


★Rin V4X T-shirt BLACK/2,900 YEN(excluding tax)


★Len V4X T-shirt BLACK/2,900 YEN(excluding tax)

In WHITE version,  iXima Mr. drew the pair “Rin-Len” in full color! (* ° ∀ °) = 3 And in a little cool BLACK version, Rin-chan and Len were drawn individually on the T-shirt!  Color ring is really cool     ( `· ω · ‘) b✧

The full graphic T-shirt with both characters has been designed and will be released at the end of January in 2017 .

Rin and Ren individual version T-shirt will be released in the late December 2016. Preorder is available from today! Please check the link: ◆鏡音リン&鏡音レン関連商品

Have a good weekend everyone!



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