News! Commemorative event report 100 days before the Winter Asia Sapporo Tournament!

Hello everyone! (∩ ‘▽’ ⊂) SAY!

Snow Miku is serving as an ambassador in the 2017 Winter Asia Sapporo Tournament . Commemorative event will start in 100 days,there was an event  during the period from 11/12 (Sat) to 13 (Sunday) which was held in Sapporo underground walking space!

In the event, the “Snow Miku / 2017 Winter Asia Sapporo Tournament Supporting Ver.”was finally released, please have a look!


Popular illustrator, Yuichi Murakami designed the
“Snow Miku / 2017 Winter Asian Sapporo Tournament Supporting Ver.”!

With the ice rink as background, Snow Miku will make the tournament full of energy!

In addition, we also started selling Official Collabor Goods from 11/12 (Saturday)!
Even those outside the street, you can purchase at the online shop
Please check it.2017 冬季アジア札幌大会公式オンラインショップ

Also, although it was not published within 100 days ago event,
there is another background pattern, I will also introduce that together!


Bright background is impressive!
The ski jumping stadium is the background here.

In addition, information on toy donation donation items was also released. A deformed illustrations pin badge by Mr. nekosumi will be presented!


This pin badge is not for sale, it is prepared as a donation souvenir at last.

In the event, we can see both of the mascot are very lovely!


A lot of people came to the stage regardless.


Snow Miku!


Well then! see u guys next time !






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