3D Miku Project

Lets see the the final version.

Tools: Hand saw, Paint, clear plastic, plywood, ruler, compasses, knife, glue, MMD vedeo.

Instead, I bought frame from IKEA, I did not find clear plastic in bunnings, just for its clear plastic, RIP my frame. I use the following steps to create the 3D-model:

Step1:  Calculate the triangle’s length and width. Its width has to be equal to the screen of a tablet. For example, I  use an ipad, so its 15cm. And the other two sides should be 0.83 times the length.

Step2: Cut the clear plastic into four equilateral triangles and stick those triangles together.

Step3: Cut the plywood into 4 pieces, then paint the wood black

Step4: Making MMD vedeo by using photoshop AE.

Step5: combine all and turn on the power, play vedio, u will see what u done.


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